Found a sole proprietorship: it’s quick, easy and free

Found now

Found a sole proprietorship: it’s quick, easy and free

Found now

Found a sole proprietorship in three simple steps

We guide you through the founding process step by step.

Register on

Select a name and legal form

Store your basic data

registered companies
are already using EasyGov, saving themselves time and money.

There are a number of advantages to founding with EasyGov

EasyGov is the official digital platform of the authorities; it is constantly being expanded with services for company founding and beyond.

60 % faster than founding a company the traditional way

Everything in one location, on one platform

Less administrative work during the founding process and beyond

The official portal of government, canton and municipalities

Register data once only and store it centrally in one location

Access to the authorities around the clock

Found your sole proprietorship right here, it’s easy!

Reduce your administrative work and concentrate on your core business.

Recommended by Swiss entrepreneurs

"The platform provides a good overview and means we can save time and spare the hassle of certain administrative procedures."

Adrian Masshardt, FIZZEN

"We’re not in business to waste our time on office work. So anything that saves us time gets our vote, like taking care of administrative tasks online at your desk instead of visiting government offices."

Mario und Claudio Bergen, Lori's

"EasyGov helps us with all the administrative work that goes on behind the scenes."

Thierry Fuhrer,

“The advantages of doing paperwork digitally are clear. Fewer visits to government offices mean we have more time and energy to focus on our product. We can take care of the things that really matter.”

Hansmartin Amrein, Gelateria di Berna

“EasyGov simplifies our administrative processes and saves us time.”

Jon & Tim, La Meute

“EasyGov makes admin work much more straightforward and easier to plan.”

Silvio Brügger, Blackyard

“EasyGov – the name really says it all. Registration is simple and there are several other options, such as registering for VAT, that also save a lot of time.”

Maurice Bridel, Bay restaurant

“EasyGov helps us carry out our administrative obligations properly while also saving us time.”

Florian Despond, Florian Despond Sàrl

“I’m no fan of bureaucracy. One of the things we can now do quickly and easily thanks to is register new employees for old age and survivors’ insurance.”

Arbela Statovci, massgekocht. AG

“Our espresso machines are easy to use. It should come as no surprise that we also want to keep our administrative processes simple and straightforward.”

Moritz Güttinger, Zuriga AG

“Public authorities have a lot of influence on many of the administrative processes. EasyGov helps us to simplify these.”

Philipp Noti and Christoph Schaller, pixon engineering Ltd

“What motivates us each day is to work on a complex situation and to try and make it simple and comprehensible for everybody right away.”

Léonard Schlaepfer,

“The administration of the couriers represents one of the main challenges”

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